Johannes Robier

Human Centred Strategist, Magineer, Accredited UX Professional #010203001, Keynote Speaker

Trust / Quality / Performance / Fun

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Hannes Robier

GeschäftsführerSenior User Experience Designer

“Human centered design not only means developing an ideal product, service or system for the customer and user, it also means living these ideas in the project team, in presentations, negotiations and also in private life. Anyone who talks about tools has not understood it! (AI, Figma & Co)”


Hands ON

  • UX & CX strategy development
  • Intermins Manager
  • UX Research
  • Product development according to
  • ISO 9241-210
  • Human centered innovation projects
  • Experience management & creation
  • Internal trainer and team partner


  • Human Centred Organization Development (ISO 27500)
  • Human resource supporter for UX
  • tenders and assessment processes
  • Agency consultant
  • Sparring Partner
  • Team Mentor
  • UX quality management
  • UX organizational development


  • The Magic of “How to WoW”
  • How to transform your Organisation with a WOW
  • Agile is dead, Context is ON – (How to bring UX & Dev together)
  • Individual company keynotes
  • How to Boost Acceptance with the Integration of Experience Needs
  • UX for complex Systems
  • Customer Experience Management
  • UX Foundation Level Certification Preperation Workshop
  • UX Advanced Level Certification Preperation Workshop
  • UX Innovation
  • UX Strategy Workshop
  • Individual UX & CX Workshops

Our partner network

From the educational sector


The User Experience Quality Certification Centre is our development partner in all areas of UX training. Globally recognised certifications and the knowledge of experts from all over the world make youspi’s training courses unique compared to the competition.

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As a partner in Vienna with the know-how in UX and with the perfectly equipped UX laboratory, the FH TECHNIKUM Vienna is an ideal partner in the exchange of information with youspi. Incorporated into our teaching, we offer our knowledge to future UX managers.

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The FH JOANNEUM is an important partner for us in the field of research, education and events. With their technical know-how, they’ve been available as a partner at the World Usability Congress for years. Together, study programs have already been designed and new ideas and concepts realized. Many more projects are in the starting blocks to strengthen the UX community and its vocational training.

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Community Partner

UXPA Austria

Youspi is a member and partner of UXPA Austria. An important lobbying organisation for putting into action our interests and ideas in the usability and user experience field. We also try to give our know-how and power back to the UX community.

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UX Graz

UX Graz is a highly important initiative that youspi loves supporting every year. An active community is the heart of every region.

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In addition to UXPA, CXPA is also an important partner and communication partner. Youspi as the leading CX agency in Austria also pushes the CX Day and the CXPA in Austria.

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Creative Industries Styria

As a member of Creative Industries Styria, various projects have been implemented together. The design management course is just one of many initiatives youspi has with the local creative industries.

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