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World Usability Congress 2019

16. – 17. October 2019 in Graz

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Dewetron Interface Design

Rewiring long-term measurements

Dewetron – TrendCorder

Throughout our work with Dewetron we were able to develop an intuitive and novel product. It is based on user needs and know-how from the former out-dated and complex software solution.

Ergebnis: NASA Tech Briefs Product of the Year

Digital dictation

Philips – Pocket Memo

Since most customers had problems with the transition from the know, analog dictaphones to their, digitals successors, it was necessary to emphasize on their habits, work environments and needs.

User research, Interviews, Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual design

The Result: Within short time sales figures increased per 10%, due to high user acceptance.

Verkaufszahlen steigen um 10% nach Redesign

Already market leader?

Step 1: Problemanalyse & Herausforderungen - Get to know the playground

User Research

Get to know the playground

Step 2: Kundenanalyse - Get into the users mind

Customer Analysis

Get into the users mind

Step3:Youspi Strategie - Streamline, refine & optimize


Streamline, refine & optimize

Step4: Interaktionskonzept - Get into the users mind

Interaction Concept

Make it simple and intuitive

Step 5: Design & Umsetzung - Make it appealing


Make it appealing

Step 6: Gesamterlebnis - Get a successful solution

Great Customer Experience

Get a successful solution

UX Redefined: Winning and Keeping Customers

UX Redefined:

Winning and Keeping Customers with Enhanced Usability and User Experience

Hannes Robier – CEO youspi

Customers consider many crucial factors, even subconsciously, when purchasing a product or engaging a service provider, consequently building a sense of trust which is decisive towards their user experience through to customer experience. This book helps companies understand how to structurally develop, communicate, and promote reasons for customers to buy products and services, starting from the psychological basis of communicating information and moving on to methodical applications.