Usability Consulting & Training

Step 1: Problemanalyse & Herausforderungen - Get to know the playground

Problem-Analysis & Reviews

Step 2: Kundenanalyse - Get into the users mind

Customer-Analysis &

Step3:Youspi Strategie - Step3:Youspi Strategie - Streamline, refine & optimize

Strategy- & Idea-Development

Step4: Interaktionskonzept - Get into the users mind

Interaction-Concept & Testing

Step 5: Design & Umsetzung - Make it appealing

Design &

Step 6: Gesamterlebnis - Get a successful solution

Guidance & Support

Quickstartguide nur aus Bildern by youspi

Illustrated Quickstartguide

Phillips – SatinPerfect

User research, Strategy, Prototyping, Graphic design, Usability testing

Editel EDI-Lösung neu definiert - by youspi

Redefining EDI-Solution

Editel – eXite, tradeID

User reserach, Interviews, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX consulting, Visual design

Philips Interface by youspi

Digital dictation

Speech Processing Solutions – PocketMemo

User research, Interviews, Strategy, Wireframing ,Prototyping, Visual design

Exias – Interaktionskonzept by youspi

Intuitive measuring

Exias – EM01

User research, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX consulting, Visual design, Interaction design, Usability testing

Dewetron-Interfacedesign by youspi

Rewiring long-term measurements

Dewetron – TrendCorder

User research, Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual design, Interaction design, UX consulting

KWB – Bedienpanel Interface Design by youspi

Warmth for old, young and professionals

KWB – Panel

User research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Industrial design, Visual design