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eXperience Driven Prototyping

eXperience Driven Prototyping is a “best of both worlds” research & development-process from product-concept until prototyping. Combining Stage-Gate-Model with scrum-based iterations it solves numerous project-threatening problems.

Benefit from quickly accessible prototypes and patterns, by focusing on the core-innovation of your R&D-Process. Avoid missing your target-audience, by implementing all stakeholders-perspectives and expectations as USER – TECHNOLOGY – BUSINESS.


  • User-centered development process
  • Optimal conjunction of User / Technologie / Business
  • Structured result-evaluation after every phase
  • Exit-Strategies after every phase
  • Transparent R&D-Costs
  • Technical goal achievement
  • High customer acceptance

eXperience Driven Prototyping Process


Phase 1: Product concept

Gather User Requirements
Customer Journey, User-Oriented feature-deffinition, Product-goals and Non-goals, Product-highlights

Outcome: Product concept, Customer Journey


Phase 2: Feasibility study

Focus on user-needs and potential innovation
Technical concept & Risk assessment
Estimate product costs
Calculate development expenses

Outcome: Feasibility study


Phase 3: Functional model & Feature testing

Fuunctional model of basic-features
Security and certification requirements
Realization concept
UX-Design & UX-Testing based on functional model

Outcome: Functional model, Realizations concept, UX Test-results


Phase 4: Prototyping & Usability Testing

Prototyping Hardware/Firmware/Software
Technical prototype testing
Usability testing & Prototype optimization

Outcome: Prototyp, Usability-Testresults,
Development documentation