Key Products

Usability Mapping™

Usability crafted documentation use less word, are faster, safer and cost less to produce than conventional documents.

We follow written documentation

Everything we do at work is based on a industry document. We stay compliant with policies, we perform in accordance with our training and we follow procedures as they are written.

Minimize the Risk

It is a normal occurrence that a message is misunderstood. The risk of misunderstanding increases exponentially when the communication has to be read. Yet, misunderstanding can get dangerous. Thus we must design our documents to minimize the risk of misunderstanding.

Navigable and Objective Driven

State-of-the-art industrial documents must be designed for navigation. Techniques such as, paralleled construction, cognitive linking, pattern tendencies and more, enable users to navigate to, instead of having to search for information. Usability Mapping™ makes your documents safer, faster, and cheaper.

Stress and Culture

Stress and complacency lead to accidents. Communications that guide performance must be designed to contain stress and complacency controls. This applies to operating procedures, policies and guidelines, training materials and reports.