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It’s at home – our MYO

Mar 25th, 2015

Finally arrived!


The Myo armband created by thalmic is released now and Youspi is one of the first who received it. Being more than curious we also immediately tested it. Now we want to share our experiences of using this technical milestone!


What Myo is and how it works


The Myo armband is a technical gadget to operate several gadgets like pc’s, laptops, smartphones or tablets only with a gesticulation. It is the start of a new technical generation where you can control things without being in visual contact or touching a surface. The armband works with EMG sensors, which measure electrical activity from the muscles of your hands. By measuring them it can recognize five poses and using a 9-axis IMU it reads off the motion, orientation and rotation of your forearm. This information is transfered over a Bluetooth connection to your laptop, pc, tablet or other gadgets.


Getting started!


Before you can start the Myo armband has to be loaded. There aren’t any instructions in the box but every information you may need is on the website. The software can be downloaded there and a “getting started” guide opens when the software starts. An important point is the Bluetooth adapter, it has to be connected all the time. After you have done that you can put the armband on. Before you can use it for controlling your personal gadgets you have to sync it, so that the armband knows and understands your gestures. Afterwards you can start to work with it!


What Myo can be used for


Even if the Myo armband is still in the early stages and there are some restrictions like no single finger detection, it can be a useful tool. It is compatible with windows, android and mac OS and can also be used on different gadgets like iPad, Laptop, PC or even on Smartphones. The possibility of connecting it with the smartphone offers a variety of other possibilities, for example controlling a stereo system or a thermostat connected to the phone. There are also some standard softwares like PowerPoint, keynote or acrobat which can be controlled with the armband.