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It’s at home – our MYO

Mar 25th, 2015

Finally arrived!


The Myo armband created by thalmic is released now and Youspi is one of the first who received it. Being more than curious we also immediately tested it. Now we want to share our experiences of using this technical milestone!


What Myo is and how it works


The Myo armband is a technical gadget to operate several gadgets like pc’s, laptops, smartphones or tablets only with a gesticulation. It is the start of a new technical generation where you can control things without being in visual contact or touching a surface. The armband works with EMG sensors, which measure electrical activity from the muscles of your hands. By measuring them it can recognize five poses and using a 9-axis IMU it reads off the motion, orientation and rotation of your forearm. This information is transfered over a Bluetooth connection to your laptop, pc, tablet or other gadgets.

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UX Post – September 2014

Sep 17th, 2014

UX Trend

Prominent call to actions!

It is no trend, it is usability. Too much information depends to bigger and clearer call to actions. Usability studies showed that CTA in a less prominent style will be disappear in the useres mind.

UX Video

User Experience Strategy by Ultan o Broin

He describes the Oracle strategy Simplicity, Mobility and Extensibility for a huge company. We can takes some ideas and thoughts from him!

UX Slideshare

The digital edge of experiences by Yonatan Dubinsky

He shows the black hole bewteen fantasy and experiences. A nice presentation – Have a look on it.

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Innovation, Exceptional Experience and Sustainable Success Made Easy: The NI© Needs Innovation Model

May 02nd, 2014

Is it magic or a jack of all trades? The Needs Innovation Model can best be understood as a combination of various established concepts, models and maps, aiming to provide a holistic and reliable way to achieve long-lasting success on the market.
The NI©Modell was created to help practitioners gather and assess a comprehensive set of customer needs, thereby determining the critical areas for improvement. In order to identify customer needs and opportunities for value improvement, NI analyzes the “Main task & the surrounding journey” that customers are trying to get done during a process when they use products, services or interact with a company.

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World Experience Award @ World Usability Congress

Apr 03rd, 2014





The World Experience Award PEGASUS appreciates the world´s best projects around user experience
and service design. As part of WUC the PEGASUS is awarded by a vote of the attendees.

For that we are searching for best practice projects. Apply now and get the chance to win the World Experience Award. The process looks as follows:

The 6 Pieces of the Customer Experience Puzzle

Jan 19th, 2014

By  |  Jan 17, 2014

How do you define customer experience — and, more importantly, how do you create the best customer experience model? I started wondering about both concepts while working on an assignment to increase sales from the digital channel of a hospitality giant.

It seems like everyone is interested in the idea of “great customer experiences.” But both businesses and scholars have struggled to understand what that really means, and have fared even worse at attempts to measure the outcomes of the “Customer Experience.”

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The Art of Guerilla Usability Testing

Jul 02nd, 2013

We iterated through our design ideas using lo-fi techniques like paper prototyping. Sketch by Chris Cheshire.

The bottom line? Guerilla usability testing presented itself as an easy-to-perform technique for refining the user experience. It helped us validate (and invalidate) critical assumptions at cheap cost and with rapid speed.

Breaking it down

It’s hard to see the magic that guerrilla usability testing affords and not want in on the action, right? Here are some basic questions to consider before getting started:

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Hiring the Best UX Designers

If finding “the right fit” feels like a frustrating task you’re struggling to survive, you’re doing it wrong. Getting the …read more

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