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10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines

25. Sep - 2009




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5 Customer Experience Management Myths

11. Sep - 2009

Author: Robert Howard

As customer experience management (CEM) continues to gain importance in the minds of today’s CEOs, more and more companies are taking on customer experience management projects to improve customer satisfaction, develop better customer insights, nurture customer loyalty and advocacy, and improve customer lifetime value. The rapid rise to the top echelons of strategic priority has brought an unfortunate side affect; numerous customer experience management myths have begun to form due to a flood of conflicting definitions, perspectives and over-hyped promises.

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Influence of Cultural Background on Non-verbal Communication in a Usability Testing Situation

01. Jan - 2009

Pradeep G. Yammiyavar, Torkil Clemmensen, Jyoti Kumar


Designers are continuously engaged in elicitation of user data, prior to new product conceptualisation as well as during testing of prototypes. When such user data collection happens across different cultures, data is often collected and analysed ignoring the rich qualitative cues embedded in non-verbal communications such as gestures. In cross-cultural situations, gestures can yield additional information from the user. This paper analyses non verbal kinesthetic cues of users engaged in a verbal protocol based testing situation. To know the extent of influence of the participants’ cultural background on the nature of non-verbal communications such as gestures of the head and hands and to find out if there is an increase of gestures in the vicinity of usability problems, gestures in videos of usability Think- Aloud sessions were analysed using a content analysis software tool. The experiment revealed that there is a rich non-verbal component of communication in the form of gesture-clusters and body movements that happen in an interactive cross-cultural usertesting situation. While some gesture types are culture specific, cultural background itself seems not to influence the rate or pattern of the gestures’ occurrence. Therefore, gestures do hold potential as a source of additional user behavior data in a cross-cultural testing situation.

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Selling good usability as a project goal

24. Dec - 2008

by David on September 28th, 2007

There is no doubt that usability is incredibly important for most Web sites, yet an alarming number of sites exhibit serious usability faults suggesting strongly they were not user tested and probably not developed with user-centred design practices.
Usability is becoming an increasingly important element of Web design and development, yet why is it such a tough sell?

1. Consequences are invisible – users might be shaking their heads in despair and bailing out of a site within seconds of arriving, yet most usability problems go unnoticed and unreported; if you can’t see a problem, there’s nothing to fix.

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