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Innovation, Exceptional Experience and Sustainable Success Made Easy: The NI© Needs Innovation Model

02. May - 2014

Is it magic or a jack of all trades? The Needs Innovation Model can best be understood as a combination of various established concepts, models and maps, aiming to provide a holistic and reliable way to achieve long-lasting success on the market.
The NI©Modell was created to help practitioners gather and assess a comprehensive set of customer needs, thereby determining the critical areas for improvement. In order to identify customer needs and opportunities for value improvement, NI analyzes the “Main task & the surrounding journey” that customers are trying to get done during a process when they use products, services or interact with a company.

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World Experience Award @ World Usability Congress

03. Apr - 2014





The World Experience Award PEGASUS appreciates the world´s best projects around user experience
and service design. As part of WUC the PEGASUS is awarded by a vote of the attendees.

For that we are searching for best practice projects. Apply now and get the chance to win the World Experience Award. The process looks as follows:

Usability Mapping – A Workshop at the World Usability Congress

19. Jan - 2014

Safety and documentation cannot be separated.
Never will we know how much harm we prevented.
Always will we know that we minimized the risk.
Safe documentation is our product liability.


What is Usability Mapping? – What does it Cost?
What is Usability Mapping?
Usability Mapping is a technical communication strategy that maps answers to user questions. This approach enables users to navigate to the answers they need instead of searching. Usability Mapping measurably reduces:

  • the risk of misunderstanding a message
  • foreign language interference

Usability Mapping is most effective when applied to procedures, processes, standards, policies and reports. These documents must reliably enable behaviors such as:

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The 6 Pieces of the Customer Experience Puzzle

By  |  Jan 17, 2014

How do you define customer experience — and, more importantly, how do you create the best customer experience model? I started wondering about both concepts while working on an assignment to increase sales from the digital channel of a hospitality giant.

It seems like everyone is interested in the idea of “great customer experiences.” But both businesses and scholars have struggled to understand what that really means, and have fared even worse at attempts to measure the outcomes of the “Customer Experience.”

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Arne van Oosterom am World Usability Congress 2014

13. Jan - 2014




Arne van Oosterom
Arne is internationally recognized as a pioneer and
thought leader in the emerging field of service design
and design thinking. Successfully merging business
thinking and creative thinking.

Arne is Creative Director and Owner of DesignThinkers, an
Agency he co-founded in 2007 in Amsterdam.
DesignThinkers is now one of the leading design driven
innovation agencies helping organizations around the world
making the transition from being strictly product orientated
and sales driven, towards being service orientated and
human centered.
DesignThinkers is a design driven Service Innovation Agency
for a New Era. They believe in the importance of creative
thinking and doing, facilitating ongoing conversations and
learning by doing.
DesignThinkers is not a conventional agency but a
collaborative and has partners and associates in the U.K.,
Germany, U.S.A, Chile, Austria and The Netherlands.

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Design thinking certification

13. Dec - 2013

Design Thinking has become a required skill for a working designer however few designers were trained in these skills when they studied design. This course will introduce participants to the emerging field of Design Thinking and tools that can be used to inform design as well as to ideas about how and when to deploy them effectively so you can be a more successful designer. The course will introduce you to terms used in Design Thinking and the value of an evidence-based design approach. These tools can help you to target your design solutions more successfully and discover differentiation to provide greater value to your clients and increase your billable time as an important component of your design process.
Class one and two cover an overview of Design Thinking and the Design Thinking process and methods. The following classes each cover twenty to twenty five methods to apply Design Thinking. The Certificate course covers about 100 essential methods and the Advanced Certificate course covers about 200 methods.The instructor describes how when and why to apply each method.

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How to create a great story

21. Oct - 2013

  • Storytelling
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Stories for companies
  • Hero
  • Telling a story