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User Experience Toolbox

26. Jan - 2015

The User Experience Toolbox is published!

Get the UX Toolbox for your product and service development to give them a new importance.

All tools – User Needs – Usability Test – Touchpoint Color Definition – Touchpoint Analyses – Storytelling – Needs Prio Matrix – How to write Usecases – Customer Journey Mapping – Creative Lotus Blossom – Define Personas – Formular Styleguide – Needs feature Matrix – Stakeholder Map – UX Guerilla Wall Have fun!

Needs Innovation model TM

05. Nov - 2014

Das Needs Innovation Model is now a trademark copyright by youspi

Customers who worked with the NI-MODEL
– Speech Processing Solution
– Diözese Graz Seckau

This is Service Design Thinking – Build the future

06. Oct - 2014

Build the future is a indurtrial cooperation project with Lego.

7000 kids built the furture with 2 tons of lego.



youspi supported the project and is happy to be a partner of this great project.

  • Design Thinking
  • Service Design
  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • Graz
  • Build the change

UX Post – September 2014

17. Sep - 2014

UX Trend

Prominent call to actions!

It is no trend, it is usability. Too much information depends to bigger and clearer call to actions. Usability studies showed that CTA in a less prominent style will be disappear in the useres mind.

UX Video

User Experience Strategy by Ultan o Broin

He describes the Oracle strategy Simplicity, Mobility and Extensibility for a huge company. We can takes some ideas and thoughts from him!

UX Slideshare

The digital edge of experiences by Yonatan Dubinsky

He shows the black hole bewteen fantasy and experiences. A nice presentation – Have a look on it.

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The key to Innovation is Usability

19. Aug - 2014

As a Gen X-er, I am part of the last generation who remembers rotary phones, black and white television sets and manual typewriters. The last century saw the greatest acceleration in terms of technological advances. However, when you try to understand how new technology typically gets adopted, you start to realize that science and technical progress are often only part of the answer.

Innovations see various types of adoption curves that may be attributed to different factors. Take the telephone for example. Our grandparents probably still remember having to go through an operator to make any call, and sometimes wait for 15 minutes before being connected to their cousin on the other end of the planet. What prevented them from being connected directly was mainly due to non-availability of technology as it took a few decades before the advent of automated exchanges that now allows us to be connected to anyone in a matter of seconds. In this case, there was little resistance from users as usability and convenience far outweighed the costs of using human operators.

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13. Aug - 2014

youspi is now member of UXPA & CXPA



youspi Toolbox for your USP!

08. Aug - 2014

We tried to define all our tools we ever worked with:



Model’s and philosophies

  • User Centred Design Prozess
  • Design Thinking
  • Outside Driven Innovation
  • Needs Innovation Model


  • Inquiry
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Ethnographic Study / Field Observation
  • Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Journaled Sessions
  • Self-reporting Logs
  • Screen Snapshots
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Service Safari
  • Shadowing
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Contextual Interviews
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • A day in a Life
  • Expectation Maps
  • Personas
  • Design
  • Storytelling
  • Customer Lifecycle Map
  • Motivation Matrix
  • Personas
  • Momenth of Truth Analyses
  • Touchpoint Analyses
  • Task Analyses

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